Contact us via our contact page or call 920-528-8121 to rent a park.

Waldo Village Park

Address: 375 East First Street (East of Hwy. 57 on Cty Rd. V)


The following are available for your use at the Village Park:

  • Shelter with picnic tables, serving area and indoor grill
  • Restrooms
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball / Badminton net
  • Baseball diamond with bleachers
  • Playground area

There is no water service during the winter and therefore no restroom service or rentals received during those months.

The Village Park is available for general public use when not rented.

The Village Park is closed at 10PM.

Mill Pond Park

Address: 130 West First Street

The driveway to the Pond is north off of  W. Hwy 28 (West First Street); one block west of Kvindlog’s Service Station . The site offers a boat landing, picnic shelter and a beautiful view.

There is no water service during the winter. Rentals and Restrooms are not available during the winter months.